Strategic Digital Marketing For Your Business

In this 4 hour interactive session, discover the 5 most important modules that help you understand and determine what digital marketing strategy can help you take your business forward.

What Will Be Discussed In The Program?

  • Understanding your business and audience
  • Understanding digital platforms
  • How to select a digital platform mix for your business
  • How to decide how much to spend on digital marketing
  • Goals of social media
  • Content in 2019
  • Implementation for your business

Who Is This For ?

Marketing Professionals

Marketing professionals who wish to learn and implement the latest digital marketing strategies

Business Owners

Business owners who wish to gain awareness about digital marketing and understand how it can benefit their business.

Marketing Enthusiasts

Individuals wishing to understand the latest trends on digital media platforms.


Individuals planning to launch their


Individuals who want to expand their existing business and reach out to an audience beyond traditional offline media platforms.

Get All Your Questions Answered

  • Why is digital marketing important ?
  • Do I need to market my business online ?
  • Which social media platforms should be used for my business ?
  • What is the ideal digital strategy to promote my business ?
  • How much should I spend on digital advertising ?
  • Which parameters do you analyse when determining a successful advertising campaign ?
  • What are the most important do’s and don’ts for a business online ?

How Can This Help You ?

25 %

of the global economy
will be digital

by the year


Over the last 2 years, digital technologies have transformed the way businesses function and interact with their audience.

To succeed and overcome the digital competition, your business must be able to plan, implement and measure the impact of digital strategies effectively, which are suited to today’s customer and integrated with your core business goal.

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